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Kendrick Pays Homage to Phife Dawg

King Kendrick Lamar pays tribute to the late Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest

Posted by Matt and Alex on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sean Price Tribute Graffiti

A lot of graffiti artists took to walls recently to celebrate the life and times, but especially the music of the late great Sean Price.  Since this blog is here to keep the culture going, I figured I’d share some that I’ve come across in the past week or so.

“Sean Price Mural” by graffiti Artist and CEO of 5 Pointz Meres One can be found at the corner of Bergen St and Kingston Ave in Brooklyn, NY.

Sean Price by Meres One


A long burner called “Heartburn” by Aroe MSK which can be found at Kings Road Arches Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2FL, UK

The Monkey Barz album cover

The whole burner.


“R.I.P!” by Logick LPI in Lille, France


“Rest in P” by graffiti artist AKTE one found at the corner of Böcklin St & Wühlisch St in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin.

Rest in P


“Sean Price” by graffiti artist Hooks at Shambala Music Festival

Sean Price by Hooks


You can support Sean Price’s family by donating here:

R.I.P. Sean Price

Sean PriceI haven’t felt like this since 9/11, before that it was when Biggie died, and before that it was when 2pac died.  I just sort of walked around my house in circles all morning in disbelief.  The feeling was like having the wind knocked out of you.  Well guess what, the wind was knocked out of hip hop today, that wind was a hurricane, gale force, tornado of rap that went by the name of Sean Price.  You may ask, who is Sean Price?  And that’s actually what makes me sad, that you may not know who Sean Price is.  He was one half of a rap group called Heltah Skeltah, part of Duck Down music, part of the Boot Camp Clik, and one helluva rapper.  Some of you may remember him from the radio station on Grand Theft Auto III that played the Agallah produced song Rising to the Top.  His body of work produced by Agallah is actually some of my favorite.  If you didn’t like him from then on out, then you’re probably deaf or have terrible taste in rap music.  If you do know who he is, then you would know he always had the flyest Polo joints, a good sense of humor and a healthy love for his friends and family.  This isn’t an unofficial biography because I don’t think there is enough paper on Earth or enough words in a blog post that could truly encapsulate the man us rap fans fondly knew as P.  But why don’t we at least attempt to scratch the surface of one of “the brokest rappers you know,” even if you don’t know him.

Sean Price went by many aliases, some of which include Ruck (the name he started off with in rap), Decepticon Sean, Mega Sean, Jesus Price, Master P, Kimbo Price, P-Body, Mic Tyson, Seanwuar (from his Nardwar impression), a rapper with that many aliases has been in the game a long time.  Rap fans also remember how funny Sean Price could be, like Sean’s festive rendition of the Grinch who ruined Christmas Grinch P, the time he played tennis with Dru-Ha.

Grinch P

Sean Price also even smoked weed with Punky Brewster and Tori Spelling.  There was another time Sean did a baby shower concert, where instead of selling tickets to his show, all you had to do was buy a gift for his baby or fulfill a registry request at BabiesRUS.

Sean Price Baby Shower

He was even a rap coach to those lacking the lyrical skill or sense to stay the fuck out of the rap game.  Then he went grocery shopping with Dallas Penn.  It might’ve been there where Price picked up the potato he later tried to sell to Chumlee of Pawn Stars in Las Vegas, NV for $100,000.  Sean Price’s creativity and artistry knew no bounds and he displayed that when he impersonated Bobb Ross for Halloween doing a method painting of his own little view of Brownsville in Brooklyn, NY.  He was a comic book nerd and had a love for transformers that crossed over into real life as a member of the Decepticons gang AKA the Decepts in Brooklyn which they referred to as Cybertron, the fictional world the transformers come from.  This is how he got the nickname Megatron Sean or Mega Sean.

Sean Price worked with a lot of people from all walks of life, other rappers, producers even rock bands.  Sean got involved with Detroit rappers Black Milk and Guilty Simpson and they formed a group called Random Axe and put out a record together.  He also worked with a protege by the name of Ruste Juxx and created some memorable works.  He left the rest of us wretched lot at too young an age, he was only 43 years young when he passed.   He was a very well liked rapper in the industry and rap twitter is just reeling from the monumental loss.  Most of us don’t know how we will go on enjoying rap without the likes of Sean Price.  His signature style stood out among the crowd and the “brokest rapper you know” always wore hats that bore a P.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at another new era fitted Pittsburgh Pirates or Philadelphia Phillies hat the same again.

If you’re just now getting acquainted with the man who will surely be considered one of the best to ever do it, you’re in luck.  The late great Sean Price has an album coming out called Songs in the Key of Price with a release date of August 21st, 2015:

Get it on iTunes

Some of my favorite Sean Price songs and features that barely even touch magnitude of his many creations:

Book Camp Clik – And So


Sean Price feat. Prodigy – Rotten Apple (remix)


Sean Price – STFU Pt 2


Snowgoonz feat. Sean Price, Jus Allah & Doujah Raze – Gunz


Zeds Dead feat. Sean Price – Dead Price


J-Love feat Sean Price, Willie the Kid, La the Darkman – Fuck That Man Up (prod. Ayatollah)


Book Camp Clik – He Gave His Life feat. Jahdan


Sean Price – Jamaican


Black Moon feat. Sean Price – Looking Down the Barrel


Doujah Raze feat. Sean Price – Loose Cannons (remix)


Black Moon, Sean Price, Starang Wondah and Top Dog – High Times


Random Axe – Random Call


Smif N Wessun feat. Sean Price – That’s Hard (prod. Pete Rock)


Sean Price feat. Havoc – Anderson Silva


M-Phazes feat. Sean Price – Dump in the Gut


Sean Price – S.E.A.N.