Wu Tang Clan Sold Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin
Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

The sale of the only album of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin by the Wu became public today.  Apparently in May they got a figure in the millions.  This follows a trend of rappers coming into financial windfalls from placing a higher value on their art.  Nipsey Hussle for example started selling his album Crenshaw for $100 apiece when Jay-Z bought 100 copies.  Here’s a sample of some Ghostface Killah bars from the album, the beat produced by Cilvaringz.

No one buys cds anymore, vinyl sales are rebounding but digital sales hardly compare to the 90’s.  The concept is akin to why Bentleys cost so much or Rolexes are the physical wrist manifestations of why you are a douchebag.  I think it’s a great idea that they value their music enough to sell it once for millions of dollars.  But there’s that whole, no one being able to hear it for 88 years thing that’s got me like…


**Update: Martin Shkrelli the Supreme Douchelord for all times has reportedly bought the Wu Tang album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.  Apparently he hasn’t even listened to it yet.  There is also a clause in the album’s contract that any Wu Tang clan members, Wu affiliates, Bill Murray, and perhaps even the Killa Beez reserve the right to steal it back if they wanted.  You read that right.  “Ninjas scaling your building, no time to grab the gun they already got your wife and children.”  Tweets ensue:

So, will Martin Shkreli, the demonic sea-turtle become the target of a robbery? Will Ghostface Killah don the pantyhose mask once again as he did in the 90’s to avoid the police at a Wu Tang show?  Find out on the next episode of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.